Building trust

The only platform where BOTH parties are equal and make a commitment.

Not for profit, FREE to use, and always will be

The NEW way for Consumers and Businesses to interact

Recommend & Share form part of the process between the consumer and tradesperson from start to finish, to help ensure a positive outcome for both parties.


Both parties are showing one another their intentions are genuine and honourable from the outset.


Both parties agree from the outset to seek and provide each other with recommendations.


Upon having had a great experience, leave a positive recommendation.


Upon having had a bad experience, leave a negative recommendation.


Both parties will be able to check each other’s profile to see their recommendation history before making a commitment.

The Power of a Community

What can be achieved if we all come TOGETHER

Our focus isn't on providing leads, but helping to ensure a positive outcome for both parties.

Rewarding Great Experiences

Provide a Positive recommendation

for the community to see, allowing genuine consumers and businesses to stand out and be recognised.

Highlighting Bad Experiences

Provide a Negative recommendation

for the community to see, making it difficult for dishonest consumers and businesses to operate.

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This platform is FREE for everybody to use and always will be.

Creating a better and safer environment for businesses and consumers
Founder and Tradesman
Garry Lewis

FOR Consumers

Reputations matter. Join Recommend & Share, the community where consumers and businesses look out for each other.


With Recommend & Share, businesses provide consumers with a guarantee of transparency and accountability, building a community of reassurance.

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