My Vision

I want to create a NEW environment where consumers and tradespeople feel safe, valued and appreciated to provide reassurance before making a commitment to each other.



I aim to make a difference in the lives of genuine people and businesses, creating an environment that allows them to thrive by forming Transparency, Recognition and Accountability for everybody to see.

My Story

Recommend and Share was born through the experiences in business of its CEO and founder, Garry Lewis, who had been a victim of fraud and found that the legal system and the police system didn’t work for the victims. As a result,  this had a devastating affect on his family as he ended up losing everything he had worked for at the hands of dishonest people, unscrupulous businessmen and Ltd companies, who simply played the system for their own financial gains.

As a tradesperson himself, he could relate to the problems in his industry with rogue traders and rogue customers. Due to his own experiences he decided to do something about it in order to try and help protect other people going through the same experiences, of which he still continues to suffer the consequences to this day.
That "something" became Recommend & Share: a new environment that gives people and businesses a voice, allowing them to share their experiences and making everybody accountable for their actions for everybody to see.
Recommend & Share encourages both consumers and tradespeople to show one another their intentions are genuine and honourable from the outset, before committing to each other.

Recommend & Share also allows both parties to check each other’s history of recommendations before making a commitment. This will help to create a better and safer environment for the UK and encourages people to think twice about their actions. 

Our Ethos

At Recommend & Share, we believe in creating a society of people who are proud to stand out and show one another that their intentions are genuine and honourable in order create a better and safer environment.

Unlike directory sites, we don't charge tradespeople for using our service, meaning we can stay completely neutral. The platform will always remain free for everybody. Homeowners can rate a tradesperson, and the tradesperson can rate them back, promoting a more respectful ethos across the board. If we all come together we can and will make a difference.

We can’t predict the future but we can be responsible for creating a better future for our children.

Code of Values

  • Respect: Both consumers and service providers should value and respect each other at all times.
  • Honesty: Both consumers and service providers should treat each other with honesty and integrity throughout the whole process.
  • Appreciation: Upon having a great experience, both parties will show one another their appreciation by providing a recommendation for everybody to see.
  • Longevity: Our aim is for everyone to recognise the benefits of all the above that create a relationship of longevity for everybody.