Founder and Tradesperson Garry Lewis:

“Helping to provide consumers with peace of mind and reassurance when engaging and committing to a tradesperson”

Rogue Traders

Rogue Traders cost UK homeowners in excess of £2 billion a year in botched jobs, having a devastating impact on the economy, but more importantly people’s lives.

I believe we need to be able to expose rogue traders in order to warn other consumers and make it DIFFICULT for them to operate.

The Problem

The current process just doesn’t work anymore because everybody has to put their TRUST in one another from the outset, but this TRUST is being abused by dishonest consumers, tradespeople, and sub contractors.

The solution

I’ve created a NEW environment where both consumers and tradespeople now have an EQUAL relationship and make a COMMITMENT to one another to help ensure a POSITIVE outcome for BOTH parties.

Rogue Traders and Rogue Customers will NOT want to use this platform.


NOT for profit, FREE for everybody to use, and ALWAYS will be.

making it DIFFICULT for Rogue Traders and Rogue Customers to operate.


  • ...are EQUAL
  • ...have a VOICE
  • ...make a COMMITMENT
  • ...agree to share their EXPERIENCES

We then SHARE those experiences.

Together we can and will make a difference.