Consumers & Tradespeople

Q. Why should I use Recommend & Share?

Recommend & Share helps to provide consumers and tradespeople with peace of mind and reassurance before making a commitment to each other when embarking on any home improvements and maintenance.

Q. What does Recommend & Share do?

Recommend & Share is a self-regulated environment, which works by providing both consumers and tradespeople with a voice to share their experiences with each other, and provide each other with recommendations for everybody to see.

Q. What are the benefits of consumers sharing recommendations?

Providing and sharing recommendations helps to highlight genuine consumers and tradespeople to create a better and safer environment for everybody.

Q. Do I have to provide a recommendation at the end of the job?

Yes, you must provide a positive or negative recommendation at the end of the job, based upon your experience.

Q. What are the benefits of positive recommendations?

A positive recommendation is provided based upon having had a great experience, giving both parties the recognition they deserve and allowing them to stand out for everybody to see.

Q. What are the disadvantages of negative recommendations?

A negative recommendation is provided, based upon having had a bad experience, making people and businesses accountable for their actions and making it difficult for them to operate.

Q. Can a negative recommendation be changed into a positive one?

Yes, a negative recommendation can be changed, but only by the person or tradesperson who provided it.

Q. How do I know recommendations are genuine?

Recommend & Share validates all accounts using a mobile phone/SMS verification system. This makes it harder for rogues to open fake accounts for the sole purpose of recommending themselves. Only validated accounts can leave a recommendation on our website.

Q. Does the tradesperson or customer need to have a profile on Recommend & Share?

Both parties need to have a Recommend & Share profile before making a commitment as you would not be able to leave any recommendations after the event.

Q. Can consumers & tradespeople invite each other?

Yes, both consumers and tradespeople have the option to invite each other to create a profile.

Q. Can I contact my tradesperson direct?

Yes, Recommend & Share helps you find genuine tradespeople and shows you how to get in touch. After that, you're free to communicate with them directly.

Q. When the job is complete, whom do I pay?

When the job has been completed, the tradesperson will send you an invoice and you pay them direct.

Q. I have had a bad experience with a tradesperson/customer, can I leave a negative recommendation?

If the customer or tradesperson doesn't have a Recommend & Share profile, then unfortunately you will not be able to leave a negative recommendation.

Q. Is there a cost to use Recommend & Share?

No, this platform is FREE for both consumers and tradespeople to use.

Q. How will Recommend & Share make money?

Recommend & Share will generate its revenue through affiliate schemes.

Q. Can a tradesperson share their Trade Profile?

Yes, a tradesperson can share their Trade Profile to various social channels/SMS/Email by clicking on the blue link called 'View My Trade Profile' found in 'Your Trade Dashboard'. You can then see and use the share features from this page.

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