Founder and Tradesperson Garry Lewis:

“We all have a role to play if things are to CHANGE, so much can be achieved if we all come together”

now bringing merchants together?

As part of my plan MERCHANTS are the key to turning the UK’s Home Improvement Market around and I’m now reaching out to merchants/suppliers and asking for them to simply show their support for what I’m trying to achieve to change our industry.

The problems plaguing our industry


Consumer confidence is at an all time low when looking for a tradesperson, which is having a devastating impact on the industry. This is backed up by the statistics below:

Cowboy builders cost the UK economy around £10 billion a year in lost revenue.

Rogue traders cost UK homeowners in excess of £2 billion a year in botched jobs.


The statistics below clearly show that things have got to change before it really is to late. Tradespeople do need more help and support and this is something that I’m currently working on.

The construction industry has the highest rate of suicides than any other profession.

The number of failures within the UK’s construction sector increased by 73% in 2018.

SMEs face £40 billion a year in unpaid invoices. Prompt payment is an ethical issue.

UK faces growing skilled tradespeople crisis as tradespeople are choosing other professions.

is this the merchants problem?

All of these statistics are gradually getting worse and in the end they can only have a negative impact on the merchants. We really do need to address these issues before it becomes too late.
The problem
Why the current process just doesn’t work anymore.
my solution


I’ve created a NEW environment that is designed to help provide both consumers and tradespeople with confidence when engaging with each other.


NOT for profit, FREE for everybody to use, and ALWAYS will be.

NOW making it DIFFICULT for Rogue Traders and Rogue Customers to operate.


  • ...are EQUAL
  • ...have a VOICE
  • ...make a COMMITMENT
  • ...agree to share their EXPERIENCES

We then SHARE those experiences.

Together we can and will make a difference.

why should you show your support?

  • Promoting a better and safer environment.
  • Helping to make a difference.
  • Showing consumers and tradespeople you care.
  • Creating positive brand awareness.
  • Making rogue traders and rogue customers a thing of the past
  • Attract NEW customers.
  • The financial gains & benefits of a NEW environment.

Our electrical champions

I have recently launched Recommend & Share, our partner platform, to the electrical sector of merchants, and they’ve been kind enough to show their support for what I’m trying to achieve in our industry.

Charities supporting this platform

I have approached a number of charities and made them aware of my plans and they have been kind enough to show their support.

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is happy to be supporting Garry Lewis and the Recommend & Share platform, helping to create a better and safer environment for everybody involved in this industry.

eic are proud to be supporting Garry Lewis and the Recommend & Share platform

Band of Builders supporting Garry Lewis and his plans to help change our industry and create a better environment